About us

DereDere offers intricate handmade beaded jewelry. We take ages-old techniques, new, quality materials and we apply passion and creativity to design colorful, wearable pieces of art. Our jewelry fits many occasions in the life of a stylish sophisticated lady.

Teodora Clenc and Ana Seicarescu are the masterminds behind the brand, two Romanian girls that met in Sweden. It started as a common hobby and it was influenced by a common interest for the Japanese culture.  The name DereDere comes from Japanese and is the sound of hopelessly falling in love, with hearts shining in your eyes. Just as we fell for making jewelry.

We’re both self-taught, from online tutorials and specialty magazines. We started making our own jewelry and we expanded when our friends encouraged us to offer them to the world. Every day it keeps challenging us to learn new things.

We hope that while wearing DereDere Jewellery you get to feel the same joy we felt while making it.



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